Apply to Sustainable Summer

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Global Learning Program

  • International Locations
  • 3 weeks In Length
  • 10-12 students (typically)
  • Rolling Admissions

Leadership Academy

  • US Locations
  • 2 weeks In Length
  • 30 - 50 students (approximately)
  • Admission Rounds and Deadlines

Global Plus

  • Apply to A Global Program AND...
  • Apply to a Leadership Academy
  • Keep Your Options Open
  • If Accepted, Enroll in Either Or Both

Getting Started

All of our programs start with the same application although we have a separate admissions process for our Leadership Academies (programs in the United States) versus our Global Learning (international) programs.

Please select the "type" of program you are interested in attending to learn about the admissions process and start an application.

If you are interested in both a Global Learning Program and a Leadership Academy, start your application from the Global Learning programs form and indicate your interest in the Academy while applying.