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Cuba In Summation

Greetings America! ¡Dios Mío! The trip is over??? Somehow the last 14 days have felt like an entire year in Cuba yet simultaneously like the flash of a dream. Only in a country this profoundly fascinating, confusing, irresistible, and vibrant could time move so fast and still so slow. We left Havana for a couple […]

Our Cast of Characters in Cuba

Hey folks, Okay, so you heard about the program…but what about the cast of characters?? So…We asked our students to write something they admire and value about specific person in the group (drew names) and this is what they wrote… “Kevin has tremendously grown as a leader on this program. I admire his inclusiveness during […]

Update from Havana

Hey Families and Friends, Greetings from Old Havana, from the lobby of the historical Hotel Los Frailes, a very old monastery-turned-hotel that is currently filled with relaxing live Cuban jazz and me, hurriedly piecing out a blog for this incredible trip. I apologise profusely for not getting a blog out sooner, but this program has […]

Value Based Organizations, Tax Policy, Stakeholders, and Plenty of Fun Too

Greetings from Hanover. We’ve had a great start to the week, exploring both and out of classroom. We started Monday with the topic of “value-based organizations,” including a case study of a certain Vermont ice cream company that was purchased by Unilever not too long ago. And then we went and visited that company in […]