Sustainable Summer at Dartmouth 2024 Update

We receive a lot of inquiries about our Dartmouth program and wanted to provide an explanation why we are not able to offer a session there for Summer 2024. Beginning in 2022 and expected to span 12 years, Dartmouth plans to renovate residence halls comprising roughly 60% of all student dorm beds. The current phase of the project impacts four residence halls through Summer 2024. Unlike many universities, Dartmouth’s sophomore summer brings a lot of undergrads to campus during a time which is otherwise slack demand for campus housing. Summer term enrollment has also increased among other grades since many students opted to take terms off during the Covid-19 pandemic. With so many beds offline for construction, the College simply doesn’t have enough capacity. Since Dartmouth undergrads are (rightfully) the priority for housing, we are not able to secure housing for this summer. We hope to return to Dartmouth for Summer 2025.

We are offering sessions at Yale and Cornell for Summer 2024 and encourage any student that was interested in our Dartmouth program to consider one of those options. The core program is the same aside from some place-based modifications.