When Are Tuition Balances Due?

With some exceptions for students enrolling prior to the end of the calendar year or that specifically request a payment plan, the balance of tuition is due on the following schedule:

  • For enrollments on or prior to February 15th, tuition balances are due March 15th
  • For enrollments after Feb 15th, tuition balances are due within 30 days of enrollment
  • For enrollments received less than 30 days from a program start date, final tuition balances must be paid within 7 days of enrollment. (If program start date is fewer than 7 days from enrollment date, full payment is due immediately and an additional $95 late fee is applicable).

Interest free payment plans are available on request as part of our financial assistance program. All tuition balances are payable online by e-check/ACH, by check drawn on a US bank account, or by money order. On request, credit card payments for tuition balances are possible, but will be assessed a 2.2% processing fee. (NOTE: there is no fee for credit card payments on the application fee and initial enrollment deposit for all families). International tuition balance payments can be paid by credit card in US currency plus 2.2% processing fee or by wire transfer plus a $25 bank servicing fee.