Galapagos Update: Los Gemelos and Tortoises

Greetings from Galapagos!

It’s day 5 on our trip and we haven’t stopped. Today we started with a delicious breakfast and a short walk to a beach near Charles Darwin Research Center. There, we snorkeled in the bay and saw rays, fish and other marine life thriving in the crystal blue water. Then we ventured to a local restaurant for lunch and hopped on a bus and headed to the highlands of Santa Cruz. We stopped at the landfill for a smelly yet very interesting sight (picture included!), then stopped at “los gemelos” – the twins – two massive sinkholes created by the islands’ dormant volcano tunnels. Don’t worry – we took lots of pictures! Next, we took a trip to the Giant Tortoise Sanctuary and saw nearly 30, most weighing upwards of 300 pounds! We finished the day with a hike through a lava tunnel and vegetarian bean tacos, created by chefs Naomi, Clint, Isabella and Danielle.

Updates on the others: Morgan and Danielle can’t stop laughing at anything and everything, Sid is powering through many, many bug bites, Lee is very sunburned but smiling, Naomi is blessing us with her guacamole, Caitlin is showing us up in her environmental science skills on recycling centers, Isabella is somehow surviving in jeans, and Clint is confusing earrings with Christmas tree ornaments. So… all is well! See you soon!