Hiking, Hydro and Hot Springs

Greetings from the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest. Over the last 2 days we’ve been exploring this remarkable region with a couple of short hikes to waterfalls, a refreshing afternoon at the Papallacta Hot Springs, and a guided visit of the 50 MW Quijos-Papallacta dam project.

Here are some pictures to tell the story: 20140709-201722-73042437.jpgMichael lending a hand to Anneliese on a stream crossing.

20140709-201721-73041499.jpgVamos a la cascada

20140709-201721-73041051.jpgThe group at the dam project site

20140709-201721-73041965.jpgMichael and Murray posing in front of a waterfall

20140709-201724-73044099.jpgLong-billed hummingbird

20140709-201723-73043668.jpgIsabel hiking in the cloud forest

20140709-201722-73042875.jpgNo, Murray didn’t drop his keys in the river. He’s actually trying to move a boulder to make it easier for the rest of the group to cross the stream while keeping their feet dry

20140709-201724-73044479.jpgJustin getting up close and personal with a hummingbird

20140709-201720-73040606.jpgAt the Papallacta Hot Springs (minus Quinton who was taking a break to watch the first half of the World Cup)

20140709-201725-73045972.jpgIsabel and Stella with llama in the background

20140709-201724-73044838.jpgRaul, the dam project supervisor, explaining some of the project fundamentals to the group

20140709-201726-73046359.jpgHiking in the cloud forest

20140709-201727-73047192.jpgA waterfall in the jungle

20140709-201725-73045213.jpgChurch in Baeza

20140709-201726-73046797.jpgConnor finding inspiration

20140709-201723-73043316.jpgClassic Quijos Valley scenery

20140709-201725-73045592.jpgSometimes the trail passes through a cow pasture…

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