Rancho Mastatal Life

We began our adventure at Rancho Mastatal a few days ago by diving into some of the principles of permaculture, the art of fermentation, and getting muddy with some different natural building techniques. A typical day has consisted of harvesting and eating delicious food, hiking to a nearby waterfall and enjoying a swim, and learning from Robin and Timo and their team of apprentices about sustainable living and the ration behind this operation! Every afternoon that it hasn’t been raining, we have played soccer or ultimate frisbee with the locals on a field in town. The town is surrounded by Cangreja National Park so both teams usually have a pretty good view! Really taking the time to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of this latin american culture!

It is hard to believe our last chapter of this stay is underway. After all, it feels as if we just got to SJO a few short days ago. Looking forward to bringing back some of these simple and appropriate technologies to implement in our communities at home!

Sending love from Costa Rica,

Pura Vida – Costa Rica 2018