Our Students

A diverse, motivated, and intellectually curious group of students is at the heart of every Sustainable Summer program.

Sustainable Summer draws students from all over the world. By the numbers, the demographics of a “typical” Sustainable Summer cohort breaks down like this:

  • 17% international
  • 23% west coast
  • 35% east coast
  • 25% mountain/central

In a typical year we have about 62% public school vs 38% private school students. About 65% of our students identify as female.

Our participants are overwhelmingly active and engaged with issues of sustainability in their communities and schools, or at the very least, curious to explore the subject in a hands-on way during the summer. They are on their school’s “green team” or in the environmental club; they have started recycling and composting programs at their school; they are taking (or have taken) AP Environmental Science; they are gardening at home or involved in a community organic farm; they are hikers and bikers and backpackers; they are interested in studying environmental engineering or food policy or conservation biology in college; they are the voice of their generation on the most important issue of the day; they are future environmental leaders.