I believe that Sage had her most memorable summer yet. Both programs seemed to draw remarkably intelligent and nice kids. Sage seems to have been exposed to so many new perspectives and has developed a zest for wanting to make positive change. Suddenly she is seemingly well versed and has reasoned opinions about issues she had never even considered before. Both programs seem to have struck a perfect balance of education and time to reflect upon what was taught.┬áMy experience with Sustainable Summer was positive from start to finish. I enjoyed getting to know you, Jeff, over the phone through several conversations before and after enrolling Sage in your programs. It was through those phone calls as well as the references that you provided that I gained the confidence to send Sage on your programs. I appreciated that students were screened through non-intimidating phone interviews to gauge their interest in the subject matter rather than their knowledge. The preprogram conference calls were very informative. We enjoyed receiving the contact information of the other participants as well, in case it was convenient to travel together. It was also very comforting that you reached out to me personally on the days that Sage was in transit upon completion of each program. The group leaders were knowledgable, warm and well prepared for their respective programs. Finally, I feel that great attention was paid to detail which can make or break a student’s experience. If I can ever serve as a reference for your program I would happily. Sage is already talking about ways she can improve the programming of her high school’s environmental club which she found lacking last year. She wants to reinstate a garden which has been ignored there for many years and grow items that can be donated as well as used in the cafeteria. She’s also talking about the possibility of bringing bees there so students can learn about their myriad benefits including the production of local honey. As a severe seasonal allergy sufferer she has a personal interest in that. Thank you for such a wonderful summer experience for Sage.