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Sc3 provided me with a unique opportunity to spend an entire week with students all around the country who share my same interests and passions. I got to listen to fantastic speakers and spend time with amazing people who truly care about what they are doing. Sc3 helped to further provide me with the necessary… Read More

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Sc3 was an incredible experience! The speakers were fantastic… and the river trip was one of the most fun moments of my summer, as was watching the salmon swim at the Freshwater Institute. I really appreciate the effort that went into making every moment fun and engaging! Perhaps the most amazing part of Sc3 was… Read More

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Sc3 was an absolutely amazing opportunity. Not only was it super fun doing activities and meeting interesting people, it also taught me a lot about the wonderful and complex world around me. Sc3 stresses the fact that everyone can be a part of changing the world. Sc3 made me love and care about the environment,… Read More

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Sc3 was an incredible opportunity to meet people who are as passionate about sustainability as I am. It exposed me to an amazing network of extremely qualified and dedicated individuals who have inspired me to never give up in my environmental pursuits. They have taught me priceless things about the world I live in and… Read More

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Sc3 opened me up to a world where anyone can make a difference. I discovered that all over the country, and all over the world, there are people who value nature and who really believe we can save the world. It gave me a new perspective; it showed me people are small, but the differences… Read More

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Eliza absolutely loved both programs. She was so motivated by what she learned she is already trying to implement a garden on the roof of her school building.

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THANK YOU so much for this important program that is vital to my generation. This program got me outside of my comfort and gave me confidence about my abilities and ideas of helping reverse the damage of climate change and working to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on our… Read More

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Stephen told me these 2 weeks were the best two weeks he ever had. He told me there were the best professors, the best programs, the best students and the best food 🙂 Maybe the only thing he doesn’t miss that much is no air conditioning. I just feel he grew so much in this… Read More

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Ella had an amazing experience. When Noa did the Brooklyn program a few years earlier, she also had an amazing experience – albeit completely different (due to both geographies and personalities 🙂 ). I just wanted you to know how grateful we are to you for this program. Sustainable Summer is a fantastic program and… Read More

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A quick note of appreciation for organizing such a terrific summer experience. My son Devin really enjoyed his time with the Sustainable Summer program. I’m pleased to hear from Devin how much he learned and grew from the experience, and how much he already misses his new Dartmouth friends!

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