Jillian said that it was intellectually, emotionally and physically the most amazing experience of her life. It was definitely memorable. She gained many insights. Not the least of which is how you can make do with the least of which, meaning, taking advantage of the elements and nature around you to survive and thrive “sustainably”. She also bonded closely with her group, making friends that may last a lifetime. I want to thank you for giving Jillian and the kids an amazing experience and adventure. Sustainable Summer staffed the experience with professionals and experts in Costa Rica. I knew going in that it was going to be an authentic experience (from the spiders to the scorpions to the white water rafting) and so it was, frankly, critical that the program had the right leadership and expertise “on the ground”. Anyway, Jill and I will be talking about it for days and weeks. But she thanked me profusely for the experience of a lifetime.