Amazon Update: Banos!

Our main goal this past Monday was to go to a waterfall near the town of Banos. So, after breakfast, a fun team building game, and a short bus ride we arrived to the devils cauldron. The big waterfall we came to see instantly amazed us by its beauty. I remember as we were headed down to the platform in front of the waterfall we saw a man who was soaked! I immediately thought “we probably wont get that wet”, but i was totally wrong. It only took us a few seconds of standing on the platform to be completely drenched just like the man we had seen. We were so mesmerized by the beauty of our surroundings that it didn’t matter that we were soaked. The strength and velocity of thew water falling was extremely powerful. Its incredible to think that water, the essential compound for life and that which we all depend on, has the capacity for destruction as well. The day was a definitely a rewarding experience full of reflection that now i’m fortunate enough to hold in my memories.

– Written by Sandra