Climate Action Projects and Mount Moosilauke

On Wednesday afternoon students presented their climate action project to our panelists Rosi Kerr, Dartmouth’s Director of Sustainability, and Amanda Graham, the Academic Director at Dartmouth’s Irving Insitute for Energy and Society.

Seeds of the Future is a community garden concept in Worcester, MA.

Seattle Sewage Solutions aims to divert stormwater runoff from the Puget Sound by designing and building school-based rain gardens.

Pepper Paper Makers is an initiative to teach students how to recycle their paper waste at school using a fun and educational process.

Sustainable Ocean Landscape plans to clean up the Long Island Sound using oysters as bio-filtration in a process modeled after New York Harbor’s Billion Oyster Project.

Fashion Fair is an initiative to launch a series of teen-focused events that will divert textile waste through upcycling and reselling of unwanted clothes.

Compost Companions is a community-based effort to increase food waste composting in Massachusetts by partnering with schools to become compost collection points.


The next day we trekked up Mount Moosilauke for a very windy and misty summit experience, edging out some ferocious weather that made everyone thankful for the cozy confines of the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge post-hike. Good times were had by all despite the less than optimal weather.