Final Destination

Today we awoke before the sun and ate a delicious breakfast (per usual) at the Black Sheep Inn. We rode the bus with our trusty driver Manuel as he maneuvered expertly around curves down to lower elevations. We passed an automobile accident and the hearty men all contributed massively by preparing to help push the car but only ending up providing moral support as they watched the Ecuadorian locals perform the actual task. We gained some closure with the beautiful rolling green hills that characterize the Andes as we spiraled down the mountain. Before we knew it, we had arrived at Plaza de Los Animales, the animal market in Saquisili. We split up into three groups, all equally dandy, however Team Kiska undoubtedly had the most fun. We found ourselves in a domesticated animal wonderland, filled with cows, pigs, and for the lucky few of us who were so blessed with the opportunity to see the majestic creatures, alpacas. We witnessed several mysterious food concoctions in progress as well as a couple of madly in love pigs fornicating. Shortly thereafter we made it to the Saquisili market where Team Kiska continued to dominate as the agreed upon best group. I myself bought an alpaca (alive, of course) and Pakky the Alpaca has quickly become the mascot of the group. After exploring the clothing and art and local foods, among other things, of the market, we hopped back on the bus and drove straight and true until we reached Tumbaco and settled into our hotel. Some of us spent our afternoon by the pool and later playing a card game involving screaming while more responsible members of the group worked on their Sustainability Action Plans. After defeating some relatively weak opponents in a game of World Cup, I’m happy to announce Argentina (my represented country) as the true winner. We then played a Kiska classic game of Suck a Fish all together as a group, and we had a grand time filled with laughter, physical activity, and teamwork. We then worked on our Sustainability Action Plans and plan to present our rough drafts tomorrow morning. We had a stellar dinner here at the lodge consisting of rice, veggies, and mysterious vegetarian meat as well as naranjilla juice followed by vanilla ice cream and banana. ‘Twas a day filled with adventure, culture, and memories.

Julia “J Dawg” Maund