Final Updates for Costa Rica 2019

We spent this past weekend at Rancho Mastatal exploring the area and learning about some of their practices in being more sustainable. After breakfast on Saturday we did a half hour hike to a river where we spent some time swimming and climbing rocks. We had lunch after our hike back when it started raining heavily. However, we didn’t let the rain stop us from walking almost 40 minutes to La Iguana — a local chocolate producer that often has their products sold at Rancho Mastatal. We returned soaked, but full of chocolate! Some of us even did an hour yoga class with Robin, one of the ranch owners, or hung out until dinner. On Sunday, we were allowed to sleep in until brunch at 10 am. Soon after we did two workshops led by Tim, the ranch owner, who taught us about soap making and natural cooking methods. As the day continued, a thunderstorm began to worsen and eventually caused a power outage throughout Mastatal. Around 2 hours later we had a candlelit dinner at the soda across the street. Rather than the usual nightly meeting, we ended the day with a movie night!

– Diana