First day at Rio Muchacho Farm

Hi! This is Karen, writing to you from the beach town of Canoa. Yesterday we spent the day hiking, relaxing by the ocean, eating comida tipica (classic Ecuadorian food), exploring the town by scavenger hunt, and bonding as a group. Last night we had our first official group session where we shared our ‘life map’ and reflected on what has brought us to Ecuador to study sustainability. It’s clear that everyone here is extremely passionate and eager to learn. Despite some logistical complications with lost luggage and some rather unbelievable flight delays, the group has proven to be extraordinarily positive and resilient.

Today is our first official day of studying sustainable agriculture on the farm with our agriculture expert, Nicola. We’ll spend the rest of the week learning and working on Rio Muchacho Organic Farm – spotting tropical birds, eating fresh food sourced directly from the farm, using composting toilets and other sustainable technologies and of course, learning about the global food system. Since we don’t have access to Internet on the farm, we may not be able to update the blog for another few days but in the meantime we’ll be taking plenty of photos!

Students hiking through the countryside.

More to come soon!


4 thoughts on “First day at Rio Muchacho Farm

  1. I’m so glad to hear that the group is doing so well despite the luggage crisis. I guess it shows the maturity level of these students. Can’t wait to hear more about their experience on the farm and see more pictures.

  2. I know you guys are having a ball. I also know that you are trying to contact us, but with some difficulties. It is ok, you are learning alot. Have fun :))

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