Rio Pacuare Rafting

These past few days have been nothing short of phenomenal! The first morning of the program was spent traveling from San Jose to meet our guides for rafting throughout the Pacuare River. They were really welcoming and funny. After a couple hours of fun-filled, thrilling, and sometimes nerve-racking paddling we made it to our ecolodge. It was so beautiful, everyone was so nice, and the food was amazing! 

The following day we had the opportunity to hike up to a school where the native community takes their kids. Afterwards we participated in a reforestation program where we planted wild almonds to help endangered macaw populations in Costa Rica. Both experiences were very enlightening and led to a lot of in-depth discussions amongst the group later that night. 

The next morning we had breakfast, packed up our stuff, and set back out on the Pacuare River to finish our rafting venture. There were less rapids than the first day so this time around was much more relaxing. My favorite part was paddling through this canyon crevice. It looked like something out of National Geographic. After making it to shore, we sadly had to say goodbye to our guides and head out to our next destination— Earth University!