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Sustaining the Amazon – Group Journal Entry

Here is an entry from our 2015 Sustaining the Amazon group journal. Going into the hydro-electric dam, we thought we would be hearing positive information about alternative energy. However, after our visit, the cons seemed to outnumber the pros. Despite the independence Ecuador would gain by not relying on outside sources for energy, they are […]

Sustaining the Amazon Student Essay

Hiking through Ecuador’s terrain was quite literally breathtaking. Thin air meant we had to drink plenty of water, so we were familiar with whose water bottle was whose. I had my Klean Kanteen water bottle, Sara G kept and used her complimentary water bottle from Huasquila, and Maclaine and Sandra had very similar water bottles, […]

Because That’s What Traveling Is

After switching flights due to a broken plane, completely bypassing the group meeting in Miami, flying into Ecuador alone (into the wrong city of course), going to a plethora of different terminals, and taking a seven hour unplanned bus ride, I was exhausted, probably smelled pretty horribly (sorry Thomas) and was a wee bit irritated […]

Sustaining the Amazon Student Essay

I have a confession to make: when I applied to Sustainable Summer, I was more focused on Ecuador and the Amazon as a destination than I was focused on sustainability. While I whole heartedly supported environmental reformation, conservation, and preservation and possessed a basic understanding of sustainability and the importance of the Amazon rainforest, I […]