Imagine the most serene place in the rainforest

Imagine the most serene place in the rainforest. Imagine a cavernous space made of rock worn from years of wear from water, divided in half by two cascading waterfalls. Look up. Above you a dangling root from a tall tree dozens of feet above. The rest of the rock face is covered in luscious mosses and ferns, slowly dripping water from the tips of their leaves onto your already soaked body. You have walked through a swift stream that soaked you up to your hips, your rubber boots are heavy from the water that fills them but will not escape. It is pouring rain, but it is dry in the gap where you hunch in the rocks around the waterfalls bases. And you, wet, smelly, bug bitten, muddy, shivering, and pulling leaves out of your hair, could not be happier. You have never experienced anything more peaceful or beautiful in your life. You feel as though this is a memory that will last forever. You have renewed hope in the resilience and intricate complexity of Earth. “I feel so at home, right here in the jungle” (Bonnie)

-Liz, on behalf of the sustaining the amazon group 2

The playground at Arte del Mundo, Banos, Ecuador
Walking around Banos with a new friend
Riding the funicular on the Ruta de las Cascadas near Banos
Reading time at Arte del Mundo in Banos
Pailon del Diablo near Banos, Ecuador, at flood stage