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Why We Travel

The ride from Santo Domingo started off fine enough, but eventually the 90-degree heat and humidity, diesel fumes, and constant throttling and bouncing started to grate on me. At the 3-hour mark, my head was splitting and I was relieved when we pulled into the bus station in the town of Chone. I was there […]

The Road Less Traveled: Ecuador Summer Programs

We’ve been making the rounds lately. There’s something of a “camp fair” circuit here in the New York metro area. It starts right after Thanksgiving with events at Scarsdale and Roslyn High Schools and, with the exception of a bit of break around the Christmas holidays, continues through until early March or so with at […]

The Political Dimensions of Sustainability

Too often when people think about the concept of sustainability it is associated with ‘the environment’ or some related idea, like climate change. But the environmental consequence of non-sustainable behavior are symptoms of economic and social causes. Similarly, when we think about specific environmental problems, we (the proverbial ‘we’ as in ‘global society’) tend to […]