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Environmental Leadership: Why It Isn’t Easy To Explain What It Is We Do

Environmental Leadership: A Students Perspective On Sustainable Summer and Why It Isn’t Easy To Explain What It Is We Do We recently published the 2017 issue of Amaranthus: The Journal of Youth Environmental Leadership. In it, one of our alumni, Layla, now a college student at Bucknell University, reflects on her experience in the Ecuadorian […]

Ecuador & Galapagos Travel Health (Updated With Zika Virus Info)

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Ecuador is an “exotic” country in the minds of many. To the uninitiated, we may imagine dangerous creatures and debilitating diseases lurking around every corner. However, the vast majority of travelers, even to remote, exposed or “high-risk” regions of Ecuador, rarely encounter any health issues excepting the inevitable minor stomach ailments associated with eating new […]

Orientation in Tumbaco

Greetings from Ecuador. Our Sustaining the Amazon group has just returned from a lovely short hike into Chiche Canyon, a few minutes down the road from our guest house in Tumbaco. We’re sitting down to lunch and then will continue our orientation day with some more team-building activities and introductions to life in Ecuador. Here’s […]

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The Truth About Service Learning Programs for High School Students

Service learning. Voluntourism. Whatever name you prefer, I refer in this post to travel programs that take students to a developing country to perform community service work. The type of work varies greatly by program, but often includes light construction projects, painting or cleaning a school, teaching kids English, or other similar tasks. I think […]

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Best of Ecuador

I recently returned from yet another trip to Ecuador (my third in the last 12 months). I love the country for so many reasons, and every trip I discover something or somewhere new that keeps me coming back time and time again. I thought I’d put together my personal “best of Ecuador” list. I haven’t […]

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What is the best Galapagos summer program?

With more than 15 different organizations offering Galapagos summer programs for high school students, you might be asking yourself which one is the best. Of course, “best” is a subjective term and there are a variety of different criteria you may want to consider if you, like many high school students, want to see the […]

Last Chance to See Yasuni

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Since Sustainable Summer’s inception, we’ve had many conversations with students, parents and educators about why Ecuador was the ideal location for our inaugural environmental summer programs for high school students. We’ve explained that Ecuador offers nearly unparalleled biodiversity relative to its size, and that it is undergoing a period of rapid growth and development. We’ve […]

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Updates from the Amazon

Greetings from Tena, the Ecuadorian Amazon’s most agreeable city. Actually, we’re about 4kms outside of Tena at a lovely lodge on the banks of a crystal clear stream. Tomorrow we’ll go rafting on the Rio Jatunyacu, enjoying one of Tena’s most popular activities for which whitewater enthusiasts from all over the world come. But first, […]

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Ready to Launch Ecuador Summer Programs

Sustainable Summer’s 2013 Ecuador summer programs are ready to launch! In just over two weeks our first group of high school students will travel to Ecuador for three weeks to study environmental sustainability, experience life in a developing country, and work together to acquire enhanced understanding of sustainability issues, global perspective, and critical thinking and […]