Welcome to Cornell

Stormy weather, lost luggage, and epic flights delays can’t keep this group down. We are officially up and running at the 2023 Environmental Leadership Academy at Cornell. Kudos to everyone who powered through some tough times getting to campus and jumped right into the action.

So far this week we’ve covered energy sources and uses; carbon markets; cap and trade and also learned a lot about innovative organizations working to address climate change. There has also been some time for fun and games and a few guest speakers from Cornell that have shared their expertise on biodiversity conservation, ecological economics, and upcycled fashion.

This afternoon we downshifted into a more casual schedule which we’ll maintain through the weekend. We’ll be off campus tomorrow morning visiting a permaculture nursery and forest farm. And then we have some other fun activities planned throughout the weekend before we get back into the plant-based “meat” of the program with our big innovation challenge which starts on Monday.

This is all for now. Happy Fourth! Check out the Suzuki Foundation’s Declaration of Interdependence for some inspiring reading.