Our Cast of Characters in Cuba

Hey folks,

Okay, so you heard about the program…but what about the cast of characters?? So…We asked our students to write something they admire and value about specific person in the group (drew names) and this is what they wrote…

“Kevin has tremendously grown as a leader on this program. I admire his inclusiveness during group conversations and his openness to share his feelings.”

“Adam is amazingly selfless and thoughtful. He cares deeply about the group. He is focused on helping others and making sure their needs are met.”

“Maija I love how motivated and driven you are. I can’t wait to spend more time with you in Cuba and stay in contact with you afterwards.”

“Skyeler constantly challenges the group to expand their mindsets and worldviews. Simultaneously intense, thoughtful and goofy, Skyeler’s dancing skills and leadership have gifted the group with a meaningful trip.”

“Casey has a warm spirit and heart that adds a unique vibe to the group dynamic. Her love is sincerely appreciated.”

“Haley is truly an inspiring person, both through her knowledge of sustainability and permaculture as well as through her fantastic never failing smile and optimism.”

“Dani brings a subtle grace and comedic pulse to the group. She is a sincere friend and steps outside of her comfort zone everyday to embrace Cuban culture.”

“Nacho [our Cuban guide] has been a great addition to our group by sharing his knowledge of Cuban history and culture, as well as sharing his own perspective as a Cuban. We have been very lucky to have him on our adventure here in Cuba!”

“I want Nick to know that I appreciate that he is really mature and grounded…without stopping to be fun!”

“Miriam is extremely gifted and humble, and her commitment to this group’s well being is inspiring and influential. I’ve gained so much from getting to know her and learning from her on this trip, her simple presence has been a tremendous highlight!”

Well, just thought the families of these people would enjoy getting a sneak peak into how they’ve impacted their peers. Often the locations, cultures, concepts, ecosystems, curriculum etc of these programs receive so much airtime (especially on the blogs) that it’s easy to forget it’s really the students and leaders who bring the magic to this program. I know I feel lucky to travel around Cuba with this wild pack of goofy intellectuals 😉

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  1. What an amazing trip, love the photos, such a diverse place!
    Safe travels!

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