Farewell Galapagos

We have arrived from the Galapagos into a beautiful late afternoon here in Tumbaco.

Our final days in the Galapagos found us kayaking in Divine Bay amongst blue-footed boobies and an array of aquatic life, cliff jumping into a magnificent chasm at Las Grietas, and snorkeling with sharks and penguins at Isla Bartolemé.

20140726-175955-64795429.jpgEmerson checking out some Galapagos geology

20140726-175954-64794154.jpgLiz kayaking with sea lions

20140726-175954-64794968.jpgSarah jumping at las Grietas

20140726-175954-64794465.jpgKayaking in Divine Bay

20140726-175955-64795913.jpgErin, Julia, and Sarah swimming at Las Grietas

20140726-175956-64796368.jpgDave cliff jumping

20140726-175956-64796807.jpgThe group at the summit of Bartoleme

20140726-181007-65407884.jpgSarah doing her best lobo marino impersonation

20140726-182115-66075413.jpgMurray and Erin with Pinnacle Rock in the background

20140726-182115-66075021.jpgCydnee kayaking