Galapagos Musings

As we settle into our final night in Puerto Ayora, I thought I’d share some student excerpts from our group journal. We have many awesome photos to share, too, but Internet challenges make sharing words a whole lot easier than pictures, so we’ll save the visual media for a later post.

Here’s a rap from Emerson in response to our first full day in the Galapagos:

We woke up in the Islands Galapagos We had a full day so Vaminos

Hopped on a bus to go and hike Learned about trees and stuff we like

Sinkhole craters like the face of the moon Explosion of excitement, without the boom!

We are unique to this place, call us endemic Environmentalism is a disease, it’s an epidemic

Hopped on the bus, now we off to the lava tunnels, Climbed over rocks, trying not to stumble

Army-crawled through a hole and got all muddy Work hard, play hard, we explore, we study

We exited the tunnels, rocks we hurdled Now off to the farm to see the turtles

Oops I mean tortoises Taking pics like tourists

Crawling in the shell and having a swell

Time, People can’t handle these rhymes

Now we off to the coffee farm We enjoyed the cups like cats playing with yarn

We expired Puerto Ayora and set the boundaries People got the smelly clothes and did some laundry

Swam with Ecuadorians, no speedo Jumped in the pool and had mucho divertido!

Now this day has come to an end We are all getting closer and becoming good friends.

Stepping up the challenge put forth by Emerson’s lyrical musings, Stella and Sarah responded with this piece of poetry:

We got Wicked Burned Wear sun screen We learned walking down the beach We tried to teach each other to surf We woke up on the islands Galapagos We had a full day so Vaminos

We went snorkeling Almost drowned Then we went to explore the town

ow my feet hurt ow my feet hurt But look: a marina iguana

Blue boobie Blue boobie Blue boobie Blue boobie Blue boobie Blue boobie #6 Blue boobie #16 Blue boobie #16 Blue boobie #6

Sand between my toes Nutella on my bread slice Patrick saw a tortoise Murray saw a shark A HO!

We also have a song from Patrick that I am hoping to share via video performance.

At any rate, it has been a great week, culminating with a trip to Bartoleme Island today where the snorkeling was epic: white tip sharks, manta rays, penguins, and more spectacular marine life than an aquarium.