Final Pitches at Cornell

Yesterday’s final pitches showcased the hard work our student teams have put in over the last three days as they worked through the challenge of developing an original idea for a solution to an environmental problem into a minimum viable product or program. Our panelists for the event were Cornell’s Director of Campus Sustainability and one of our favorite PhD students.

The projects were (in no particular order):

EGS (Environmental Grading System), which aimed to impose a letter grade on consumer products in the food and beverage industry.

AgRevive, a nonprofit focused on regenerative farming education with plans for a pilot project to revitalize depleted farmland in Iowa.

Homelands, a service business in the DC suburbs targeting homeowners interested in replacing lawns with native plants and permaculture systems.

Cero, a secondhand and deadstock home furnishings marketplace and delivery service launching initially in NYC.

Well done teams and thank you panelists!

Here are some photos of the two weeks: