Fourth of July in the Cloud Forest

Hi all!

Since we last checked in we have gone from humid jungle to high, cool cloud forest! It is a nice break from the heat to break out our sweaters and long pants! We celebrated “Interdependence Day” last night by reading the UN Declaration of Interdependence from the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and reflecting with art work and writing. Then we helped feed each other dessert interdependently by roasting marshmallows for each other. This morning we awoke very early in time to catch sight of a resplendent quetzal in large oak trees. We were able to meet and speak with a farmer who preserves avocado trees on his property in order to attract the quetzals as part of a community initiative to conserve their habitat and develop Eco tourism in the area. After a typical breakfast we had some much needed down time for warm showers, napping, and exploring the beautiful area.

For lunch we headed into the town of Santa Maria de Dota to tour a cooperatively owned coffee processing facility. We got to see all steps of the process from coffee bush to roasted beans and then enjoy a coffee drink in their cafe- one of Lonely Planet’s top 10 cafes of the world!!! Afterwards a local student from the tour invited us to play volleyball in the central park for about an hour. This evening we are journaling and hosting a mock town hall discussion.

Tomorrow we will tour a cooperatively owned wind farm and head on to Rancho Mastatal!!!

Pura Vida!!!