Galapagos First Days

We made it to Galapagos! After a long day of travel and arriving in Guayaquil, we headed out early¬†Sunday morning for the islands. Surprisingly, when we got to the island of Baltra it was scattered with cacti and desert-like. Our guide, Luis, met us right at the airport and immediately introduced us to the island and the geography of the land. After a short boat ride, we arrived on Santa Cruz, the island where we’ll be spending most of our time.

Our current home is at an ecolodge in the highlands, filled with guava trees and even a couple resident tortoises. We stay in large tents, and eat our meals in an open air gathering space. After we dropped off our bags, Luis took us to see some wild tortoises and the lava tubes. It’s incredible how the lava carves these holes into the ground, leaving secret spaces and drastic scars on the surface of the island.

Since then, we’ve kayaked, swam through a gorgeous saltwater swimming hole, and went on a hike to accompany a researcher looking for turtles migrating from the highlands to the lowlands. We’ve had some action packed days, but are loving the unique landscape of the island of Santa Cruz and learning so much about these islands!

Galapagos 2016
IMG_0444 (1)
[We’ll try to get some more pics up soon, but haven’t been able to send much of anything due to poor internet conditions. Just getting these few words and a single picture out was a herculean effort]