Good Times in Mastatal Costa Rica

We have been learning tons and keeping very busy at Rancho Mastatal in Costa Rica!
In our few days here we have already:
  • participated in morning routines
  • gone on a horseback ride
  • visited a cacao producing farm and followed the production of chocolate truffles from fruit to samples we got to try
  • learned the principles of permaculture and thought critically about how we can apply them to solving environmental problems in our home communities
  • gone on a tour of the jungle
  • learned traditional basket making practices
  • and learned about food fermentation and made our own jar of pickles and fermented soda!!!
Everybody is tired, but excited about the next few days. We have more to learn from this great place before we take off for rafting and the beach on  Sunday!
IMG_4243 IMG_4256 IMG_4327 IMG_4401