Kayaking and Tortuga Bay

We set out for kayaking this morning, only to find out that the truck carrying all the kayaks had broken down! But as we waited at the dock, we played a game called eyes ears mouth, trying to work in groups to reach an object. After a short time, the kayaks arrived and we were ready to set off.

We enjoyed the sunny, bumpy ride out to las grietas, and we’re amazing by the exuberant views and wildlife. After spending some time looking for a place that wasn’t murky, we decided we’d had enough and just jumped in the water. We saw blue footed boobies, some beautiful white birds with long tails, and when snorkeling we saw sea turtles, sting rays, snake eels and some other incredible creatures. After a bit of snorkeling and a snack we headed back, and te return trip went smoothly.After lunch (which involved a lot of waiting and an exciting happy birthday song for Kayla) we went to a soccer filed near the hotel to play. Some locals were already playing, so a few of us jumped in to play a game with them. However, the game was fast paced and so after a short time we walked to another field to play volleyball all together. Our trip leaders then told us we couldn’t go to dinner until we untied ourselves from a human knot! But in a few tries, we earned ourselves some hamburgers.

For our last full day in Galapagos, we started the morning at a beautiful white sand beach called tortuga bay. Luis gave us all a surf lesson! We spent hours fighting the waves, trying to stand up and enjoy the ride. Although we couldn’t rival Luis’s surfing skills, we had a great time on the picture perfect beach.

Although we’re all sad that the trip is ending, were enjoying our last day here on the gorgeous island of Santa Cruz.




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