Rafting with the Homies

Yesterday we went rafting down the Jatunyacu River which means giant river in Quechua. Everybody had an incredible time. Many of us were scared at first, but we quickly discovered that rafting is very fun. We all ended up jumping in the river (some involuntarily). We played a bunch of great rafting games, and all of us bonded In a very special way.

Isabelle conquered her fear of rafting. Ivana giggled all day. Layla had a good time. Renee floated with Kristi. Paul rode the raft like a cowboy. Alec conquered the front of the raft. And Marco and Dylan held down team “The Dirty Oars.”

Today we traveled to Baños and tomorrow we are going on a self planned hike to a volcano.

P.S. Marco took a nice steam shower.

PPS this blog was written by the boys. The last one was by the girls 😉 20140802-235247-85967484.jpg