Life Changing Experience in Ecuador

Here’s a Yasuni blog post courtesy of Ivana F:

It has been 8 full days that I have been in Ecuador, and these 8 days has changed my life completely. It has opened my eyes to so many different issues going on that includes the Amazon Rainforest.

It really surprises me that all of the oil in the Amazon Rainforest can only sustain the United States for 40 days. When I heard that statistic, my jaw dropped.  The Rainforest is such a beautiful place, and it is and will always be such an amazing experience for me, and I will never forget this trip. I was able to meet so many different and unique people; from tribes, to cultural cities.

Today, I met some people from a little tribe in the Amazon called the Waorani Tribe, and it was very touching to be able to meet people like that. Even though they don’t have enough to eat every day, they are still able to put a smile on their faces and always be happy. I gave a couple of the kids in the tribe my lunch, and I can’t even describe the look on their faces. Their faces lit up like they were getting presents in Christmas morning. I also gave a few gifts to other people in the tribe.

I learned that its important to keep up a healthy lifestyle not only for the environment but also for ourselves. With that, and if places such as the United States and China weren’t so dependent on oil, we would be able to save so many other places that are being chopped down because of oil drilling. Oil drilling will not only ruin the forest, but it will force all of these tribes out of their home, and their lifestyle.

The Waorani people are very happy with their way of living, and it was an inspiring experience to be able to meet them. Two of the men that were part of the tribe, and was also our guides through the rainforest gave me a traditional Waorani name, which was really special to me. The name they gave me was ONkaye, which means something that holds fire within it.

Throughout the trip so far, I got to go to a hot springs, I was able to pet monkeys, meet new people and so much more.

Sustainable Summer Into Yasuni at Arte Del Mundo, a children’s literacy center in Banos, Ecuador

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  1. Thank you for the awareness that Sustainable Summer is bringing to these issues. It is really heartfelt.

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