Ready to Launch Ecuador Summer Programs

Sustainable Summer’s 2013 Ecuador summer programs are ready to launch! In just over two weeks our first group of high school students will travel to Ecuador for three weeks to study environmental sustainability, experience life in a developing country, and work together to acquire enhanced understanding of sustainability issues, global perspective, and critical thinking and leadership skills. We’re excited to show this group of amazing young people some of our favorite places in Ecuador. It’s a remarkable place to visit for any reason, but when viewed through a sustainability “lens,” the experience of being there takes on a whole new meaning. Below is an interactive map of our itinerary:

Our first Ecuador summer program, Coast & Highlands, follows the western loop in an exploration of food and agriculture. Our second Ecuador summer program picks up right where the first leaves off and embarks into Ecuador’s Amazon region in a study of natural resource management. We’re especially pleased to have a great group that will be participating in both programs, in what we call our Ecuador Immersion program.

You can follow our journey this summer by keeping an eye on this blog. Follow us on Twitter to receive instant updates any time there is a new post. We’ll also be syncing updates and photos to the interactive map above (well, hopefully, we’ll be able to do that as long as the technology works as planned). This link will take you to the map on Tripline for our 2013 Ecuador summer programs. Get excited!