Life Changing Experience in Ecuador

Here’s a Yasuni blog post courtesy of Ivana F: It has been 8 full days that I have been in Ecuador, and these 8 days has changed my life completely. It has opened my eyes to so many different issues going on that includes the Amazon Rainforest. It really surprises me that all of the […]

In the Jungle… The Mighty Jungle!

Monkeys and tree frogs and caymens, oh my! The past couple days at The Shiripuno Lodge have been nothing short of incredible. Isabelle named a baby. Alec hit his target with a blowgun on the first shot. Renee loved practicing her Spanish with the natives. Dylan climbed a tree, Waorani style. Layla stalked wild boar. […]

Shiripuno, here we come!

Arriving in Coca early gave us some time to look around town. It’s really interesting to see such a developed town seemingly in the middle of the jungle. There are lots of people all around, though very few tourists. Our hotel is very cool with nice rooms and a backyard with tortoises, capybaras (the largest […]

Last Chance to See Yasuni

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Since Sustainable Summer’s inception, we’ve had many conversations with students, parents and educators about why Ecuador was the ideal location for our inaugural environmental summer programs for high school students. We’ve explained that Ecuador offers nearly unparalleled biodiversity relative to its size, and that it is undergoing a period of rapid growth and development. We’ve […]