The Black Sheep Inn

We’ve now arrived at Black Sheep Inn and we’re loving it up here in the Andes. Surrounded by volcanoes and watching the sun light on the mountains is a breathtaking way to spend the afternoon. Our first full day here we went for a long and steep hike! Climbing up a small, winding trail was strenuous and exhausting given the altitude, but we were rewarded along the way with details about Andean medicinal plants that we passed. We arrived at the local cheese factory for a taste of cheese and a much needed ice cream dessert,┬ámade right there from the local cows. From there, we continued on through the dense and luscious cloud forest — so cloudy that the dew collected on our hair as we meandered along the trail. In the evening, we arrived exhausted but ready for our history of agriculture discussion by the ever captivating Javier.

Today, we set out early once again for a service project in the community surrounding Black Sheep Inn. Although we had expected to be doing trail work for the people that use walking as their primary form transportation, but to our surprise we ended up working in a field preparing for the upcoming potato season. We set to work, hoes in hand and along a steep hill, tilling the land to prepare for planting. Our teamwork helped us to complete even more than we had expected, while spurring a discussion on whether this really was a form of sustainable agriculture for this area.
Tomorrow we set out to Quilotoa for another day of enjoying the Andes!
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  1. Wow, looks like so fun fun. Great to see your smiling faces and hard working efforts!

    1. Looks like an awesome, once in a lifetime trip. Love the smiles. Thanks for the updates

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