Onward to Puerto Lopez

Hey everybody, Our last week at Rio Muchacho Organic Farm was a great, hands-on learning experience! We were introduced to ideas of agro-ecology and diversified agriculture systems. Our time spent considering the network of systems we rely on, an introduction to soil biology, the diversity in plant families, and the ecologies of different biomes in […]

Javier and students

Andean Culture and Cosmovision

Our second day of the trip was spent exploring quito’s historic center, and our first introduction to Andean culture. What an great introduction to this country! Day three started our customary Ecuadorian breakfast of fruit, toast, eggs, and a surplus of coffee. After that, it was time to hop in the bus and visit Javier’s […]

Sustainable Summer Global Learning Staff Photo

Welcome to Sustainable Summer 2016

Hello students, parents, educators, and friends! I’m excited to officially kick off Sustainable Summer 2016 with the launch of our Amazon Adventure program tomorrow, followed by our Seeds of Change program in Ecuador and our Bridge to the Future program in Costa Rica, which are launching on Sunday. We’ll also be welcoming a group of […]