Final Days of Seeds of Change 2017

Last few days here with the Seeds of Change crew, and it’s been a blast. Our last night at Rio Muchacho was spent with a latin dance party — all of us gathered in the classroom and all ages hitting the dance floor. We warmed up with a quick round of zumba, which got the blood flowing as well as our laughter. Then, we broke into salsa, an incredible way to celebrate and immerse ourselves in the culture here.

Yesterday we went out to see the whales and Isla de la Plata. The whales were unbelievable! We watched as the battling male humpback whales put on a show to impress the females and, of course, us as well. What a show! We saw fin slaps, tail slaps, and of course a few majestic breaches as these whales danced just a short distance away from our boat. When we arrived at the island, we saw frigate birds and blue footed boobies, an incredible and colorful display of nature. On the way back, we even snorkeled with sea turtles.

Today we’re finishing up Sustainable Action Plans and preparing for life back at home!

All photos courtesy of Maddie M.