Shiripuno, here we come!

Arriving in Coca early gave us some time to look around town. It’s really interesting to see such a developed town seemingly in the middle of the jungle. There are lots of people all around, though very few tourists.

Our hotel is very cool with nice rooms and a backyard with tortoises, capybaras (the largest rodent in the world), and what looks like a capuchin monkey in the trees! Already we have seen more large animal diversity than anywhere else we’ve been.

Today we take our journey into Yasuni National Park, deep into the jungle. A 3 hour truck taxi ride where we pile into the cab and throw our bags in the back followed by a 4 hour dugout canoe ride proves our determination to get out of our comfort zones and into a wild terrain. We are ready Yasuni, we come with upmost respect, and we hope to learn many lessons from the jungle.