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Student Video from the Amazon

Ecuador 2016 IP – Shenandoah Bolding-Smith from Shenandoah Bolding on Vimeo. Our trip to Ecuador this summer couldn’t have been more fun or exciting and I can’t imagine enjoying it with a better group of friends. Everyone in our group was ready to fully immerse themselves into the culture, the environment, the cuisine, and into […]

Welcome Sustaining the Amazon 2016

Hey!!! Kristi and Skyeler writing from Ecuador where we’re getting psyched to welcome you all on Sunday! Hope everyone is stoked and getting prepped to hike, raft and explore this amazing ecosystem and connect with the fascinating cultures there. We’ve both been to the jungle before (many times, actually) and are still always SUPER pumped […]

Welcome to Sustainable Summer 2016

Hello students, parents, educators, and friends! I’m excited to officially kick off Sustainable Summer 2016 with the launch of our Amazon Adventure program tomorrow, followed by our Seeds of Change program in Ecuador and our Bridge to the Future program in Costa Rica, which are launching on Sunday. We’ll also be welcoming a group of […]