Update from Mastatal Costa Rica

Hi all!

We have been having a jam packed time at Mastatal. With two short days left we still have soap making, and a chocolate farm tour left! As well as having a talent show with everyone at the rancho and presenting our sustainability action plans! We learned how to weave baskets from dried vines this morning from a man from the indigenous reservation Zapaton.
Yesterday we had food day and we harvested, prepared, and learned about fermentation! Thomas is even considering how to start growing turmeric at his grandmas house!
The day before we had a down day and had homemade buttermilk biscuits with breakfast and then hiked down to the river for a swim where we managed to see some river otters!!!
Love and pure Vida!
Bridge to the Future 2016
IMG_0949 IMG_0938
PS – Two photos below from our final days on la playa in Esterillos!
Playa Esterillos Playa Esterillos II