Welcome to Costa Rica 2017

Hey homies!

Skyeler and Haley here, raiding [Sustainable Summer Director] Jeff’s fridge as we write our first blog post! We have been loving this week with our SS friends and colleagues, reconnecting and getting psyched to lead these trips! We’ve read some truly inspiring updates from some our alumni students, which has been a powerful reminder of why we care so much about this work and the connections fostered in the SS community! We’ve also had a lot of fun outside, getting our hands dirty in the garden and working with our tools of choice, the chainsaw and leaf blower (see photo)!

Last night a huge porcupine was spotted munching on some of Jeff’s lettuce, an omen of pure awesomeness as we embark on our journey to Costa Rica! Seriously guys, this trip is about to be epic! See you Sunday.

Your rambunctious, radical and oh so ready leaders,

Haley & Skyeler

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  1. Please tell Chrissy we all wish her well and miss her
    From her family at El Puente

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