Virtual Testimonials



Thank you so much!  That program was a lot of fun and I learned a lot!  Right now I am working with the Mayor’s Youth Cabinet to get Terracycle incorporated into my town.  Thank you for being a great teacher and for creating such cool group projects!

student in Middletown, CT



Thank you so much for an amazing two weeks. I learned so much valuable information and will apply much of what I learned to my everyday life and throughout my journey as an environmental activist. The time and effort you put into this course for us is very much appreciated, and your mission to build… Read More

student in Wyckoff, NJ



I found Sustainable Summer to be a very engaging experience even though it was online! It has made me much more interested in starting my own business that has roots in sustainability. The course showed me that if you work hard you can see your ideas come to life. I know there were a lot… Read More

student in New York, NY



I thought it was an amazing experience. Thank you so very much for preparing two weeks of the program it ran so smoothly. I hope to attend another Sustainable Summer program next summer!

student in Newtown, PA



I hadn’t really imagined myself as an environmental entrepreneur before, but the online program was really cool and introduced me to business in a way where I feel that I can continue the journey of learning more about business in the future. I really liked that our startup groups were based on our interest in… Read More

student in Los Angeles, CA



I have learned so much. I really enjoyed this course. The transition to online was handled really well. I thought that there was an appropriate balance between lectures and in breakout rooms working on projects. Since it was done well I feel like I was able to learn and retain the majority of the information…. Read More

student in New York, NY



William has really enjoyed this class. He has been talking about it all week! Although I am sure that you are also disappointed that the class could not meet on campus this summer, William learned a great deal, met other kids that he really liked and is really inspired about future projects at school and… Read More

parent in Middletown, CT



Thank you so much for giving Luke the opportunity to participate in your excellent course. Despite it being a virtual experience this year, Luke got a tremendous amount out of it. We are so grateful to have found your organization. I have been highly recommending Sustainable Summer to other families and wish you the best… Read More

parent in Madison, NJ



Charlotte has really enjoyed the program. The material and format was really engaging, and she has shared enthusiastic updates throughout the class. Thanks for all your efforts to create and run such a great program.

parent in Newton, MA



I just wanted to thank you SO much for the past 2 weeks. This is the most fun I’ve ever had and also the most I’ve ever learned in a program. I can’t express how lucky we are to have you and I really feel like I have a new and more educated perspective on… Read More

student in Albany, OH