Cornell Testimonials



​​Sustainable Summer has inspired me to make change in my own community this year.  I am planning to join an environmental organization in my area where I can help make a difference. The experts we met on the program also greatly impacted me, by showing me what a career in sustainability can look like and… Read More

student in Chevy Chase, Maryland



It is hard to imagine what it would’ve been like not doing Sustainable Summer, because I feel I have taken away so much. Sustainable Summer has inspired me and helped open my brain up to the vast amounts of knowledge in this field that I look forward to diving into.

student in Charlottesville, Virginia



I loved it! It was so great to meet so many people who also care about the environment and share that moment in time with everyone. I’m very glad I participated in this program because it was intensive and taught me so much about how many paths there are within sustainability.

student in Yarmouth, Maine



Sustainable Summer is an amazing mix of fun, adventure, education, and camaraderie. I have made some really great connections through this program – I don’t think there’s a better way to become immersed into sustainability!

student in Argyle, Texas



Sustainable Summer exceeded my expectations by providing me with a network of passionate, environmentally-conscious friends from all around the world!

student in San Ramon, California



Sustainable Summer has opened up a perspective for me that previously did not exist. Not only did the program explore topics that were once foreign to me, but it introduced amazing people each with their own experiences to share that overall heightened my own perspective of the world. I hope to take the leadership and… Read More

student in Melbourne, Florida



Sustainable Summer confirmed that sustainability is something I am passionate about. The community was SUCH a big factor in my realization that my passion is shared by other young adults like me.

student in Jacksonville, North Carolina



Sustainable Summer taught me about the importance of community engagement in sustainability. Now, I plan to focus on building my communication skills so I can have a real positive impact on environmental change in the future.

student in Bronx, New York



It sounds like Gianna has learned so much over these past two weeks. She’s been challenged and has no doubt grown from this. I know she struggled in preparing for her presentation but must have received some good coaching and support. Thank you for all you have done to create this program!

parent in Montauk, NY



THANK YOU so much for this important program that is vital to my generation, and for being so responsive via email and phone to me and my parents!!! This program got me outside of my comfort zone and gave me confidence about my abilities and ideas of helping reverse the damage of climate change and… Read More

student in Doylestown, PA



Emma arrived home raving about her experience! She had a great time with you, the instructors, and other students. You lead a wonderful, well run program!

parent in Mercer Island, WA



Eliza absolutely loved both programs. She was so motivated by what she learned she is already trying to implement a garden on the roof of her school building.

parent in New York, NY



THANK YOU so much for this important program that is vital to my generation. This program got me outside of my comfort and gave me confidence about my abilities and ideas of helping reverse the damage of climate change and working to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on our… Read More

student in Doylestown, PA



Stephen told me these 2 weeks were the best two weeks he ever had. He told me there were the best professors, the best programs, the best students and the best food 🙂 Maybe the only thing he doesn’t miss that much is no air conditioning. I just feel he grew so much in this… Read More

parent in Plano, TX



Ella had an amazing experience. When Noa did the Brooklyn program a few years earlier, she also had an amazing experience – albeit completely different (due to both geographies and personalities 🙂 ). I just wanted you to know how grateful we are to you for this program. Sustainable Summer is a fantastic program and… Read More

parent in Yacov, Israel