Costa Rica Testimonials


Costa Rica

It has roughly been a year since our eventful trip to Costa Rica. For me, that journey has been deeply embedded within my mind and I still dream of returning to Costa Rica one day.

student in Irvine, CA


Costa RicaDartmouthIndia

Thank you so much for creating and running this amazing program!! I’m so grateful for all that you’ve done to make this organization so awesome!!

student in Boca Raton, FL


Costa RicaDartmouth

Jess had a terrific time and I feel like she learned a lot about an area she hopes to study – and also learned a lot about herself as well. It was definitely a memorably experience and we are grateful that she had the opportunity.

parent in Boca Raton, FL


Costa Rica

Jillian said that it was intellectually, emotionally and physically the most amazing experience of her life. It was definitely memorable. She gained many insights. Not the least of which is how you can make do with the least of which, meaning, taking advantage of the elements and nature around you to survive and thrive “sustainably”…. Read More

parent in Gillette, NJ


Costa Rica

Sustainable Summer has COMPLETELY changed my life. It exceeded my expectations in so many ways, and because of the amazing things I have experienced and learned, I feel like a more confident, knowledgeable, and worldly person. Our group was extremely intellectual and forward-thinking, and I learned SO much about the world and sustainability from our… Read More

student in Santa Ana, CA


Costa Rica

I had so much fun and can not stop thinking about how beautiful the country and my experience was! Thank you so much Sustainale Summer! The fact that we had so many unique opportunities and places to go meant there were no boring days!! I loved every minute and learned a lot about the country,… Read More

student in Chandler, AZ


Costa Rica

Although I learned quite a lot about sustainability, focusing on the environment with a lens on energy, water, and agriculture, the main impact Sustainable Summer left was in mindset. It’s very difficult to put into words and explain without you, the reader, having experienced it with me. I feel inspired. I have never been so… Read More

student in Watchung Hills, NJ


Costa Rica

Josh and I just came back from Asia, where Josh continually would tell me some interesting science facts. I would say “how do you know that” and he would say, “I learned it last summer in Costa Rica!” What’s more, his friend Amber is sitting in my living room sharing her FABULOUS trip experience with… Read More

parent in New York, NY


Costa Rica

Sustainable Summer was a very significant event in my son’s life. He was particularly moved by the bond that developed between the participants. He is even more passionate about sustainability and driven to make a difference. It was certainly memorable. Overall, I think it was an exceptional experience for my son and I am very… Read More

parent in Pleasanton, CA