Ecuador Testimonials



I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to travel in Ecuador with a truly enthusiastic environmentalist like you, Allie.

student in Lodi, CA


EcuadorIndiaThe Amazon

I wanted to let you know what a monumental experience Sustainable Summer was for Serena three years ago. I teach school, so I know that formative experiences can become increasingly important as one moves past them and can look back on the whole life trajectory. This year Serena has been applying for college and she… Read More

parent in Kearneysville, WV


EcuadorThe Amazon

This was such a life-changing experience for Joe. He is just as fun, but so much more forward-thinking. You’ve opened a whole new world to him!

parent in Wasatch, UT


EcuadorThe Amazon

The program definitely broadened Jane’s horizons and helped her grow and develop independence. She had a memorable summer and her awareness of sustainability increased 100%. It was a great combination of learning and adventure.

parent in Tiburon, CA



Thanks for providing Julia with an amazing summer experience; she is turning our house upside down trying to implement some of what she learned from the program! Cloth napkins, a compost bin, new food shopping routines, and less red meat to name a few. Please know that we appreciate all that you and your staff… Read More

parent in Port Washington, NY



Danielle truly enjoyed her three weeks with Sustainable Summer. She has learned so much and is trying to implement some things at home. She has a plan for how she can impact her school’s sustainability program. She definitely has a love for the environment, but your program has increased that love and knowledge ten fold…. Read More

student in Redford, MI



Andrew had a very positive experience with Sustainable Summer. He felt very supported by the staff, and enjoyed the other students from around the country. He learned a lot, grew up a lot, and wants to implement many of the initiatives he discussed with his fellow campers. The program was so professional, great communicators, excellent… Read More

parent in West Chester, PA


EcuadorThe Galapagos

We were extremely impressed with the professional, efficient communication from the time we initially contacted Jeff. Sarah had amazing experiences over the past month. The program contained a great balance between education and adventure. Sarah particularly loved the experience living at Rio Muchacho–interacting with the residents/workers, contributing to the farm culture, learning more about environmental/agricultural… Read More

parent in Santa Barbara, CA



This was my first time doing a teen program and one of my big concerns was the other kids I’d be spending my summer with. It was so awesomely surprising to come in and meet all these like-minded young people with whom I’d get to share these incredible experiences. I made some lifelong friends (not… Read More

student in White Plains, NY


EcuadorThe Galapagos

I did not expect much when signing up for this program, I assumed it would be pretty standard. I was so wrong. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for these past four weeks. I am so thrilled that I ended up coming and it was 100% worth it. I would do it… Read More

student in Santa Barbara, CA



My daughter definitely had a memorable summer experience. The program seems to have affirmed her decision to engage with sustainability in the future as a career and life-long passion. She was so sad to have to say good bye to Ecuador and the team. You did a great job in terms of planning the program… Read More

parent in White Plains, NY


EcuadorThe Galapagos

My husband and I both feel strongly that the staff on his trip were truly exceptional. Max felt he could talk to them and clearly was not afraid to show emotion in front of them. My guess is that once Max has processed it all the impact will be overwhelmingly positive – he mentioned that… Read More

parent in Iowa City, IA