Dartmouth Testimonials



I spoke with Shreya today and I was so excited to get to talk about Sustainable Summer with her — only good things I promise😁 Okay, more like a raving review, I look back at that summer fondly! It reminded me to convince my brother Bryan to apply this summer! Also, last year I EDed… Read More

student in San Jose, CA



Sustainable Summer had a major impact on my academic trajectory and potential course of study beyond high school, so thank you for these opportunities.

student in Rochester, NY



Mikel has been thrilled with the program from the beginning and has fallen in love with Dartmouth at the same time. Congratulations on putting together such a great program.

parent in New York, NY



Charlie spoke glowingly of the program and said he had a wonderful and meaningful time. And he is usually not one to throw compliments around. So a huge thanks to you and the staff from my wife and myself!

parent in Short Hills, NJ



I want to say that I had an amazing time at Sustainable Summer – I learned so much while still having a ton of fun!

student in Los Angeles, CA



I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for this summer! I had so much fun during the two weeks and learned a lot! From the workshops to 3DS, I never would have learned the things I’ve learned through this program! I’ve been talking with my friends and family about living more… Read More

student in Northville, MI



The 3DS portion of this program might have been the most impactful experience of my life. I remember drinking two five-hour energies, staying up until 4 AM and just working hard at perfecting our presentation. And, yeah, that doesn’t sound fun at all; but, the rush (not just from the 5-hour energies) and pure joy… Read More

student in Briarcliff Manor, NY



I thoroughly enjoyed working with so many passionate and dedicated individuals. I find that its easy to lose hope when it doesn’t seem like anyone is acknowledging the problems at hand. However, since this program, I have to say that I am genuinely impressed and inspired by my peers and have more hope for the… Read More

student in New York, NY



My highlight of the program was definitely the people there. Being in an environment where everyone was interested in the same environmental sustainability but also from extremely unique backgrounds allowed for very insightful points of view and healthy conversation on these topics. Our group was able to bond extremely well over these issues and I… Read More

student in Grand Junction , CO



The highlight for me was definitely the 3DS program. It was super stressful and nerve-racking at the time, but looking back on it, it was so much fun! I learned so much about designing and pitching a startup that I would never have had the opportunity to learn about and experience before this summer. My… Read More

student in Saylorsburg, PA



I loved meeting likeminded people from all over the world who cared about the same things I do. Our passion really brought us all together and it gave me a feeling of togetherness.

student in Wellesley , MA



Charlie had a wonderful time and in separate occasions to me and his brothers, he enthusiastically described it as “the best time of his summer.”

parent in Columbus, OH



First of all, I’d like to extend another thank you for the amazing Dartmouth program last month— I had a really great and rewarding time in the program. I’m feeling good about using the knowledge and material gained to further work on my independent study project in conservation biology.

student in Fredericksburg, VA



Thank you so much for running such an incredible program, I learnt so much and met the most amazing people! Thanks so much again!!!

student in London, United Kingdom



I am preparing to enter college this fall as an Environmental Studies major. The Sustainable Summer program had a profound impact on my choice of major and I’m very grateful for that opportunity last summer.

student in Sewell, NJ



The program helped me step out of my comfort zone and make me feel more confident in my college ambitions.

student in Tehran, Iran



The program helped me step out of my comfort zone and make me feel more confident in my college ambitions.

student in Scituate, MA



I already knew that I was interested in both business and environmental science, but now I’ve learned ways in which I can interrelate these two interests in the future.

student in Boulder, Colorado



Sustainable Summer allowed me to think about sustainability in different ways within my life and how I can take action in the future.

student in New York, New York