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The best part of the program was the independence she felt going alone, international travel and not knowing a single person. Both my wife and I can already see the change. It allowed her the confidence to try new things, meet new people and all in a safe and well organized trip. Clearly she learned… Read More

parent in Tacoma, WA


EcuadorThe Galapagos

We were extremely impressed with the professional, efficient communication from the time we initially contacted Jeff. Sarah had amazing experiences over the past month. The program contained a great balance between education and adventure. Sarah particularly loved the experience living at Rio Muchacho–interacting with the residents/workers, contributing to the farm culture, learning more about environmental/agricultural… Read More

parent in Santa Barbara, CA


The Galapagos

My trip truly opened my eyes to just how much humans impact the land that they live on. I always knew that our pollution and and land use had a big effect on the natural world, but this program showed that even the littlest things, like bringing over a plant from another place, could effect… Read More

student in San Jose, CA


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I returned home feeling inspired to make more environmentally friendly changes in my daily life because I had just experienced first-hand a part of the world that is greatly impacted by the changes we make here at home. I also fell in love with Ecuador and plan to spend the next few years of my… Read More

student in Madison, NJ


EcuadorThe Galapagos

I did not expect much when signing up for this program, I assumed it would be pretty standard. I was so wrong. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for these past four weeks. I am so thrilled that I ended up coming and it was 100% worth it. I would do it… Read More

student in Santa Barbara, CA


The AmazonThe Galapagos

We are spellbound by the stories we are hearing! Connor gained clear insight into the fact that environmental, social, economic and political issues are complicated and that there is a need to become educated on these topics. This was a terrific pre-college program as it has sparked his curiosity into becoming better informed and educated…. Read More

parent in Madison, NJ


The Galapagos

Sustainable Summer was a hugely positive experience for my daughter. It gave her a great feeling of independence, confidence that she travelled alone and had to be responsible for herself. Also, a great international travel experience, seeing things that she could never see here in Elmhurst, IL. It opened her eyes to a new part… Read More

parent in Elmhurst, NJ


The AmazonThe Galapagos

We are delighted that Stella enjoyed the experience and that she met some amazing friends with whom she continues to liaise. From the moment we first spoke, I sensed in Jeff the passion that he brings to the program and that then infuses those young individuals fortunate enough to partake in the adventure. Travel is… Read More

parent in Lakeville, CT


EcuadorThe Galapagos

My husband and I both feel strongly that the staff on his trip were truly exceptional. Max felt he could talk to them and clearly was not afraid to show emotion in front of them. My guess is that once Max has processed it all the impact will be overwhelmingly positive – he mentioned that… Read More

parent in Iowa City, IA


The Galapagos

I grew so close to so many people and I know our friendships will last a very long time. Not only were the other students amazing people but so were the leaders. I had so much fun with them and will never forget my Sustainable Summer experience. Sustainable Summer has impacted my whole life. I… Read More

student in Elmhurst, IL


The AmazonThe Galapagos

My time in Ecuador was more eye-opening than I expected and I had more fun than I could have asked for. I was deeply inspired by my trip leaders, and the work that they do. I learned so much in such a short time span not only about the environment but also about people, power,… Read More

student in Lakeville, CT


The AmazonThe Galapagos

It was absolutely, UNDOUBTEDLY the most amazing experience in my life. I was recently at a different camp and all i could do was talk about Ecuador and what I learned and saw there. I cannot thank you guys enough for creating a program that really focuses on growing and education as opposed to just… Read More

student in New York, NY