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The Amazon

The trip was great and absolutely inspirational. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to experience just a taste of such an amazing program! The 2 weeks is definitely the highlight of my Summer!

student in Brooklyn, NY


The Amazon

I just wanted to send you a quick word of thanks. Will had an absolutely amazing time in Ecuador. He liked Skylar and Kristi very much, as well as his fellow travelers, and he learned a lot. A highlight was the exceptional birding. He saw 127 different species, almost all of which were new for… Read More

student in Hong Kong, Hong Kong


The Amazon

I had an absolutely amazing experience and the memories of my group leader’s enthusiasm and drinking guayusa tea has stayed with me. I am now volunteering at a nature center and am helping to create a vegetable garden outside my school, inspired by my sustainability action plan! The program was very influential for me to… Read More

student in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY


EcuadorIndiaThe Amazon

I wanted to let you know what a monumental experience Sustainable Summer was for Serena three years ago. I teach school, so I know that formative experiences can become increasingly important as one moves past them and can look back on the whole life trajectory. This year Serena has been applying for college and she… Read More

parent in Kearneysville, WV


EcuadorThe Amazon

This was such a life-changing experience for Joe. He is just as fun, but so much more forward-thinking. You’ve opened a whole new world to him!

parent in Wasatch, UT


EcuadorThe Amazon

The program definitely broadened Jane’s horizons and helped her grow and develop independence. She had a memorable summer and her awareness of sustainability increased 100%. It was a great combination of learning and adventure.

parent in Tiburon, CA


The Amazon

I cannot thank enough, Jeff, Anne and the host of other people, including the guides, that made this trip a success. Not just for me as a parent, but more so for the kids, I loved it, loved it, loved it.

parent in Brooklyn, NY


The Amazon

I’ll miss climbing through the dense jungle and finding magical waterfalls. I’ll miss avocados growing on trees, the rich red soil, and feeling one with the clouds. But mostly, I’ll miss the people I’ve met.

student in Nyack, NY


The Amazon

Sustainable Summer will be one of those chapters in my life I will never forget. It was definitely a good learning experience but it was also an opportunity to get to know one’s self. My personal experience overall was very positive and I enjoyed every event.

student in Elmurst, NY


The Amazon

The program, by far, exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I believe everything was very well organized and the leaders worked great together to make sure everything was carried out efficiently. The whole experience with Sustainable Summer has truly taught me the value of happiness and how little I need to be happy. At Shiripuno,… Read More

student in Northridge, CA


The Amazon

Sustainable Summer has made me want to hold myself accountable for my choices and actions and I want to change my lifestyle. I was ALWAYS being pushed to try something new and scary and I want to say thank you for giving me a trip that totally changed me for the better.

student in Brooklyn, NY


The AmazonThe Galapagos

I returned home feeling inspired to make more environmentally friendly changes in my daily life because I had just experienced first-hand a part of the world that is greatly impacted by the changes we make here at home. I also fell in love with Ecuador and plan to spend the next few years of my… Read More

student in Madison, NJ


The Amazon

Sustainable Summer has made me realize that I really want to pursue a career involving sustainability. There was so much that I learned from Jeff that continued to intrigue me. It has also helped me figure out what I want to do with my Senior Project for my school. It was honestly a life changing… Read More

student in Sonoma, CA


The AmazonThe Galapagos

We are spellbound by the stories we are hearing! Connor gained clear insight into the fact that environmental, social, economic and political issues are complicated and that there is a need to become educated on these topics. This was a terrific pre-college program as it has sparked his curiosity into becoming better informed and educated…. Read More

parent in Madison, NJ


The Amazon

I think this trip changed the way my son sees the world that we live in. He was very excited when he met us at the airport. He said that he needed to have a conversation with us about reducing our carbon foot print. He said that we can make better use of our reusable… Read More

parent in New York, NY


The Amazon

Sustainable Summer was definitely a confidence builder for my son. It was beneficial for him to get out of his usual comfort zone by traveling to an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, which turned out to be a great experience for him. He returned very enthusiastic and thankful for this opportunity, and said it was… Read More

parent in Phoenix, AZ


The Amazon

My daughter had a wonderful time and stated that the program exceeded her expectations. She also was very pleased with the quality of the other participants, as well as the instructors. I think that she has a new found appreciation of things here, but most importantly, she clearly benefitted from the international experience and challenge… Read More

parent in Robbinsville, NJ


The AmazonThe Galapagos

We are delighted that Stella enjoyed the experience and that she met some amazing friends with whom she continues to liaise. From the moment we first spoke, I sensed in Jeff the passion that he brings to the program and that then infuses those young individuals fortunate enough to partake in the adventure. Travel is… Read More

parent in Lakeville, CT


The Amazon

I had an amazing experience and loved the group that I was traveling with. Sustainable summer has changed my views on the environment and sustainability as a whole.

student in New York, NY


CubaThe Amazon

Sustainable Summer was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. The leaders were helpful, the accommodations were amazing, and the lessons were both educational and intriguing. This trip was a life-changing opportunity and I am so grateful to have experienced this. Sustainable Summer has definitely whet my interest in raising environmental awareness and… Read More

student in Robbinsville, NJ