Cuba Testimonials



I believe that Sage had her most memorable summer yet. Both programs seemed to draw remarkably intelligent and nice kids. Sage seems to have been exposed to so many new perspectives and has developed a zest for wanting to make positive change. Suddenly she is seemingly well versed and has reasoned opinions about issues she… Read More

parent in Rumsen, NJ



The program was highly organized, professional on all levels, and provided an excellent travel and learning experience. Our son James had a very memorable summer and the Cuba experience exceeded his and our expectations. The exposure to both a different culture and political system was very enlightening and educational for him. He has always been very… Read More

parent in New York, NY



I think overall my son had a great trip and and a great experience with the program. His visit to Cuba was definitely a memorable experience.

parent in Highland Park, IL



Sustainable Summer has really changed my outlook on sustainability and the world. I now feel like every individual should “bother” with sustainability because every person does have an impact. Sustainable Summer was really incredible and I would recommend it to anyone, no matter their background in sustainability.

student in New York, NY



Sustainable Summer has opened my eyes to how big of a difference one person can make. I, now, am aware of how living a sustainable lifestyle can not only benefit my community but the earth as a whole. Before the trip, I was working on an app that ultimately helps decrease food waste, but I… Read More

student in View Park, CA


CubaThe Amazon

Sustainable Summer was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. The leaders were helpful, the accommodations were amazing, and the lessons were both educational and intriguing. This trip was a life-changing opportunity and I am so grateful to have experienced this. Sustainable Summer has definitely whet my interest in raising environmental awareness and… Read More

student in Robbinsville, NJ


CubaThe Amazon

Andrea had an incredible experience with SS this summer… Life changing from what I can tell and all for the good! She continues to be in touch with others from the group and I hope she will maintain those ties! There is special “chemistry” that happens when people travel and experience something like SS together…. Read More

parent in Ipswich, MA