Brooklyn Testimonials



I have started to consider a career in urban planning using green infrastructure. I was previously interested in architecture, but this seems like a great merger with my other passion, conservation, and it definitely opened up new doors for me.

student in Chappaqua, NY



Sustainable Summer has completely shifted my understanding of sustainability, environmental justice, climate impact, and green infrastructure. It was fascinating to hear about such important issues from a variety of experts, as well as people who experience daily life in New York.

student in Los Angeles , CA



Through the program, I met some of the most exceptionally talented, educated, and compassionate people I have perhaps ever met in my entire life, some of whom I intend to remain friends with for as long as possible. Since the program, I want to focus on the economics of environmentalism as well as economics as… Read More

student in Montville, NJ



I never thought about how social sustainability existed in addition to environmental sustainability. Sustainable Summer has helped me see it’s possible to achieve goals that seem out of reach. I will never forget this experience and will apply a lot of what we learned to my life.

student in Scarsdale, NY



I was lucky enough to not only get accepted but to be provided with a substantial scholarship. The time I had was unforgettable, and thank you so much for allowing this opportunity to become possible. I can’t imagine the year-long work involved in making these programs possible.

student in Dallas , TX



Sustainable summer taught me about the intersection between environmental sustainability and social justice. Since the program ended, I have looked into ways that I can potentially combine that intersection into a career by studying Environmental Law and Policy.

student in New York, NY



The highlight for me actually had nothing to do with New York or sustainability! It was talking to students from around the world. In one instance, I was chatting with a student from China and realized he had never heard of the Tiananmen Square protests, despite having grown up walking distance from where it happened…… Read More

student in Williston, VT



Thank you for your leadership on the Sustainable Summer Brooklyn program. Massimo had a great time, learned so much and made some new friends. What more could one want for the summer!

parent in Maclean, VA



I went into Sustainable Summer knowing that I want to be an environmental engineer, but this program strengthened that. I also got to learn about projects I might be doing as an environmental engineer.

student in Eureka, IL



Thank you again for a great summer. It made such an impact on Noa’s thinking and doing. You deserve a tremendous amount of credit for what you accomplished at Sustainable Summer.

parent in Tel Aviv, Israel



It was amazing meeting like-minded and educated people that are all working towards a sustainable future.

student in Brooklyn, NY



I was surrounded with amazing people that created an incredible and caring environment that we could all have fun and learn in. Sustainable Summer gave me such an empowering feeling to know that other people my age cared as much as I did.

student in Arlington, VA



I believe that Sage had her most memorable summer yet. Both programs seemed to draw remarkably intelligent and nice kids. Sage seems to have been exposed to so many new perspectives and has developed a zest for wanting to make positive change. Suddenly she is seemingly well versed and has reasoned opinions about issues she… Read More

parent in Rumsen, NJ



Thank you so much for creating this inspiring and informative program. This was my favorite summer yet thanks to Sustainable Summer.

student in Rye Brook, NY



Thanks for accepting me into this summer program. It taught me a lot. Thanks for all the encouragement and friendly help. I had a great experience.

student in Beijing, China



The program was truly life changing and I loved it. Thank you for all you do to help me change the world!

student in Laguna Niguel, CA



Thanks for an amazing 2 weeks. I’ve learned so many amazing thing.

student in Bryn Mawr, PA



I made awesome friends who were passionate about the same things as me. Thank you for bringing us together. I think it would be cool if you guys designed a curriculum about environmental studies for students of different grade levels so that something like the Sustainable Summer curriculum could be accessible to many more people…. Read More

student in New York, NY



I learned A LOT and loved making new friends. Sustainable Summer has expanded my knowledge about sustainability, sustainable development, energy, climate change impacts, and more.

student in Sea Cliff, NY



I had a really great time and think the program is doing really good work. While I knew that I wanted to go into an environmental field, this reaffirmed my plans to go into an environmental field. The staff was very well-prepared and approachable.

student in Denver, CO